About Us

Brandon-James Chalwell was born and raised in the British Virgin Islands, Nature’s Little Secret.  He was trained professionally as a Surveyor in London, where he earned his BSc (Hons.) in Civil Engineering Surveying and Mapping Sciences. With combined years of experience working for both the Land & Survey Department and also Chalwell Computerized Surveying Services, Brandon-James is now mapping the British Virgin Islands not from the ground but from the sky at Geo Image Ltd.

Geo Image Ltd. has moved from traditional methods of mapping, by implementing Drone Technology to produce Aerial Maps that have been Geo referenced and mathematically corrected to scale. This results in an Orthorectified Image were data such as Boundary Lines, Architectural layout and even Contour Data can be added to the Aerial Map.

Geo Image Ltd. focuses but not limited to delivering Aerial Mapping/Photography Services within Land Surveying, Real Estate, Architectural and Construction market throughout the British Virgin Islands for planning, and monitoring of developing sites.

What is Orthorectification?
An Orthophoto is an aerial image that has been geometrically corrected or Orthorectified for image perspective (tilt) and relief (terrain). The correction of Orthophotos results in an image, wherein the scale is consistent throughout the image. Accurate measurements such as distance areas and angles can be measured from these images to be used for data analysis.

What are Ground Control Points (GCPs)
Ground Control Points are targets placed strategically throughout the area of interest and are captured within the aerial images as the Drone maps the designated area. GCPs are measured using surveying instruments such as Total Stations or GNSS receivers (GPS) before images are collected.

These points are used to reference an Orthophoto to a coordinate system and they significantly increase the accuracy of the rectified image. Referencing an image to a coordinate system allows users to measure coordinates of features within the image and the image can be used as a base map within a GIS database.