Mapping Application

Engineering & Construction

Construction professionals can now have access to maps of a site or unreachable areas for pre- built construction assessments. Stakeholders have access to a comprehensive overview of the site from start to completion which aids in effective planning and time management.

  • Monitoring construction process at different stages

Due to the high accuracy of orthorectified images, drones can effectively map construction projects to perform faster and safer inspections of a site, and record the change(s) from the design process through completion of a project.

  • Inspection

With Health and Safety Regulations awareness becoming mandatory within the construction field, Drone imagery has become a solution for capturing data quickly without increasing the risk of casualties. Drones can capture images of building roofs, towers, and even capture images near heavy equipment, all from a safe and remote distance.

Planning and land management

With the increase of development, aerial maps help us to understand our surrounding from a different perspective. This aids in effective decision making by analyzing the existing infrastructure for potential obstruction or hazards which are not often seen from eye level.