Virtual tours

This 360 interactive platform helps Real Estate Agents to provide its clients with a comprehensive view of a property without physically being present. This will allow the Agents to satisfy local and international customers with a total view of the property as if they were present.

Aerial Mapping

Orthophotos are becoming the new trend within the Surveying and Mapping companies around the world and significantly decrease the work hours for data collection. This provides a safe method of surveying remote areas while delivering a high aerial resolution map.

  • Precise measurements from the map
  • Land management and development
  • Urban planning
  • Addition of Survey boundary lines (as needed)
  • Addition of Contour data (as needed)

Aerial Photography

Capturing aerial images of a property helps real estate agents by providing their clients with revolutionizing photographic views, which intern will provide clients with a full scope and enhanced appreciation of the property.